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World-traveled author to hold book signing on Hilton Head Island


Born in Canada and raised in Ireland, retired professor and author, Thomas Thibeault, will hold a book signing on Hilton Head Island, Sunday afternoon, where he will discuss his second novel, The Man Who Stole Himself; A Novel of the Civil War. 

The Man Who Stole Himself  tells the story of former slave, Robert Smalls, and his friendship with Union Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont. Thibeault spent around a year researching Smalls, who was born and died in the Lowcountry. Pictured below is Thibeault standing in front of Smalls' home in Beaufort.

Thibeault's first novel, Balto's Nose, celebrates the achievements of the Monuments Men of World War II. These were the men and women who tracked down the art looted by the Nazis, who stole over one-fifth of the world's museum-quality artwork. They raided museums, art dealers, private collectors, and archaeological excavations. Here is a clip of Thibeault explaining the importance of the work of "Monuments Men" as it relates to Balto's Nose:

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Fake is Thibeault's third novel. It centers around a Dutch painter who faked Vermeer's paintings and sold them to Hitler and Hermann Goering, making millions during World War II when everyone around him starved. 

A fourth novel, The Emperor's Flute, is in the works. It centers around the flute teacher of Frederick the Great. In preparation for the novel, Thibeault is learning to play the 18th Century flute. 

After a 30-year teaching career, which has taken him to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and the Far East, Thomas is channeling his knowledge and experience into his writing. He has worked as a deck hand, a solider, a truck driver in Africa, a train brakeman in Canada, an art model in Ireland, and a tour guide at the pyramids. He lives in Swainsboro, Georgia with his wife, Anna, and their 18 beloved cats. 

Sunday's book signing for The Man Who Stole Himself; A Novel of the Civil War, will be held at the Heritage Library, located at 852 William Hilton Parkway, from 2 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. Click here for ticket information. A photo of the book's cover is pictured below. 

"Freedom wasn't just another word... Robert Smalls had everything to lose."

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