Good Friday Celebrated at Cathedral

It's a day of quiet celebration for Catholics and other Christians around the world. Many attended Good Friday services in Savannah today. Parishioners are honoring the day by reflecting on their faith.

The rain didn't keep them away. One by one, they filed into the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Hundreds of devoted Catholics and others came to pray and to remember the significance of this day.

"It's a feeling of gratitude for what the Lord did, the amount of suffering He went through for me," said parishioner Chris Gagliano. "It makes me realize how weak I am, and I'm not willing to suffer as I should and be loving to others."

Parishioners solemnly prayed and filed to the altar, kissing the feet of Christ on the cross, a small gesture of gratitude.

"It's very humbling, acknowledging His sacrifice for us," said Kathy Woloszyk.

The damp day seemed almost like a fitting tribute to one of the darkest days in Christianity. But Catholics say it's a day that needs to be remembered.

"It's a day of mourning, but also a celebration, because Christ is still risen from the dead," said Father Douglas Clark.

A day of quiet celebration, as people reflect on their faith. Many are also keeping Pope John Paul II in their thoughts, praying for his health to be restored in time for the Easter celebration.

"In a way, he's going through his own passion, so we do remember him often in prayer," said Gagliano.

Showing love for others as their savior did for them on this holy day.

The church will hold a mass of the Resurrection tomorrow at 7:30pm and have Easter services on Sunday.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,