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Jurors hear detailed testimony on alleged rape of nurse in Torrey Scott trial

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Prosecutors neared the end of their witness list in the trial of Torrey Scott on Friday, as jurors heard for the first time the detailed testimony on the alleged rape of a nurse.

Scott is accused of kidnapping and later raping the woman as she was walking into work at a private practice on the Candler Hospital property, back in early 2014.

This is the last of three different cases Scott is facing charges for. The day started with him addressing the judge, before the jury even came into the room. He said he wanted to make a statement on the record, but his lawyer, Richard Darden, told him to be quiet. After a conversation between Scott and Darden and the judge behind closed doors, the trial resumed and the alleged victim took the stand. She fielded questions from Chatham ADA Frank Pennington, who asked her to detail the events from the morning of the alleged rape and abduction. She testified that she was on the way to work and had just gotten out of her vehicle when she was approached by a man holding a gun, who she says was Scott.

It became very difficult at times for the woman to give step-by-step details of what she says happened to her on that February morning. We are concealing her identity, given the nature of the accusations. She said Scott rushed up to her and demanded money, then made her drive around before parking behind a grocery store off of Derenne Avenue, where she says the rape took place. The lead prosecutor asked her how many opportunities over the whole encounter she had to see the attacker’s face.

"(When) he initially approached my car, I was able to see him, and then when I was driving and looking in the rear view mirror; when he was doing whatever he was doing to my phone; when he was in the doorway before he…before he raped me; when he was trying to get my ring off, I was able to watch him, see him. And then as I was driving away, I mean, I had many opportunities to look at his face,” she said.

The alleged victim picked Scott out of a lineup of six men, saying she was 100 percent sure it was him.

The woman, who was 18-weeks pregnant at the time of her attack, detailed for jurors how she picked Scott out of a lineup a month later. When asked by the prosecutor how she could be absolutely certain Scott did it, said this.

"I know what he looks like. I see that face all the time when I close my eyes. That's the face that kept me from getting out of my car at the grocery store, or to go anywhere. That's the face that (inaudible) me and my baby for a long time. So when you have something that traumatic happen to you, you know who did it. When you see their face, you know that that's them,” she said.

The trial resumes next week, and the prosecution is expected to rest its case.

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