Church Members Carry Cross Through Downtown Beaufort

There was an unusual sight on Beaufort's streets today, part of Christian Holy Week commemorations. Members of the Carteret Street United Methodist Church took an important message on the road today and carried a 150-pound wooden cross throughout downtown Beaufort.

It wasn't a pleasant walk down Bay Street, but it was a meaningful one for these church members.

"You get to feel the weight," said church member Tyler Priebe. "The little bit of distance we did, and spreading it out by six to eight people, is still pretty pressing on your shoulders, but when you think about it, Jesus had to carry it by himself."

And it's that image that kept these Christians marching through puddles. "Coming out here on a gloomy, rainy day, it kind of brought Jesus sacrificing and dying on the cross, it brought it to life for me," said Rev. Lara Byrd.

"It's an emotional and sad time and it's a time to think about what happened 2,000 years ago," Elizabeth Mandell.

"I feel very humble," said church member Mandy Barnes. "I feel like he died that day for our sins and the least we can do is carry his cross for him awhile."

And for more than a mile they carried cross throughout downtown Beaufort in silence, letting the power of the cross do the talking.

"The first year, we had people yelling at us, people falling to their knees and crossing themselves, weeping," said Barnes.

Every year, those who watch this procession have different reactions. But for those who are part of this powerful event, this is a way to share their message and keep this day sacred.

This is the third year the church has done this.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,