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Day 8 complete of Torrey Scott trial

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The trial of a Chatham County man accused of raping four women, and murdering one of them, is entering its third week.

Torrey Scott faces more than two dozen felony charges stemming from the rape of two Savannah State University students, the rape and murder of a Port Wentworth woman and the abduction and rape of a contracted nurse. 

The prosecution is wrapping up their portion of calling witnesses in the trial.

Monday's testimony began by focusing on forensic evidence gathered from the vehicle of one of Scott's alleged victims, and also from items found in Scott's home and girlfriend’s vehicle when he was arrested.

Similar to the cases of the alleged rape and robbery of two Savannah State students and the alleged rape and murder of Lisa Pynn, the prosecution called on several detectives and forensics experts to testify about what pieces of evidence they were able to find in the alleged abduction and rape of a contracted nurse.

A forensic biologist from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was one of the first witnesses called, and was asked about the results of the rape kit performed on the contracted nurse. 

"In a case involving sexual assault, where these sexual assault kits are submitted, is it common or uncommon for you to not find male DNA? In other words, does it have any bearing one way or the other about whether or not a sexual assault occurred?” asked lead prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Frank Pennington.

"Yes, it can be common that we do not find male DNA in kits,” replied GBI Forensic Biologist Jessica Romanoski.

Much of what happened Monday happened without the jury in the room.

This is something we began to see play out at the end of last week. The State wanted to bring a witness who was a victim of Scott's during an armed robbery years ago, but because she is unable to come to the courthouse due to medical reasons.

So Scott's attorney objected to having any testimony heard from that potential witness.

Another big issue, and one that ended the day early, was the State wanting to introduce a summary of several thousands of pages of Scott's cell phone records as evidence. 

The prosecution says it reveals multiple “people finding” sites were visited, indicating Scott potentially researched information about his alleged victims.

"They stuck out to Detective Ripley for a couple reasons. One, is she's familiar with at least two of these websites, Spokeo and Because as a law enforcement officer, she and others have utilized Spokeo to find people. You can pay these services money, and if you have information on someone, you can find things like phone numbers and addresses
and things like that,” said ADA Pennington. 

Detective Ripley is the lead detective and we'll hear testimony from him on Tuesday.

Scott's defense said they didn't get the summary report of the phone records until Monday, and didn't have adequate time to look it over.

One of the defense’s witnesses could be Scott, and on Monday afternoon, Scott took the stand and asked if he was planning to do so.

"Have you given any consideration as to whether you plan to testify in this case or not?" asked Scott’s attorney Richard Darden.

"Not at this time,” relied Scott.

"Do you want to come back and visit this issue tomorrow afternoon?" asked Darden.

“Maybe,” replied Scott.

"Ok, well, not maybe, we have to. You have to make a decision at the close of the evidence. And only you can make this decision,” said Darden.

Scott says he will take the night to think it over, whether he will take the stand and testify in his own trial.

So the judge recessed the proceedings until Tuesday, with the State wrapping up their portion before lunch and the defense calling their witnesses on Tuesday afternoon.

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