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Consider This! - 'Summer 500'


When Mayor Eddie DeLoach took the Oath of Office to become Mayor of Savannah, he did so with a mandate from the people: Solve our crime problem. 

In DeLoach's two months of leadership, we've learned two important things. One, he's a man of his word and two, he's a man of action. He promised change and that's just what he's doing. 

The mayor, along with city council, moved immediately to deal with our police force staffing issues. More officers on the streets should translate into less crime. But more officers only treat the symptom; they don't fix the problem. 

To accomplish that tall order, the mayor has launched an initiative called “Summer 500.” The goal is simple: Get 500 teenagers off the streets this summer and get them into businesses where they earn some money, learn a skill and most importantly teach them the value of a hard day's work. A lesson many of those wreaking the havoc on our streets haven't learned.

Consider this: The mayor is doing his part, now it's time for you to do yours. If you're a business owner, hiring manager or someone who has your boss’s ear, join WTOC and the dozens of other businesses willing to take on interns this summer.  

The investment is small, but the return will be great for both these kids as well as our entire community.  

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