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Sec. of State Kemp on upcoming Georgia Primary

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Could Georgia take some of the political spotlight away from South Carolina?

Secretary of State Brian Kemp hopes the upcoming Presidential Primary brings some national attention to the Peach State.

“We're one of the fastest growing states. We're the 8th largest now. We should have a bigger say in the presidential race and we ought to have it while the race matters,” said Kemp.

Georgia lined up its primary along with Tennessee, Mississippi and other neighbors to hold what Kemp's calling an SEC primary. He hopes it scores a touchdown with candidates who see the need to campaign here.

But it's also a chance to test them on issues specific to Georgia, like delays in federal funding to deepen the Port of Savannah, an issue that affects the economy of the entire state.

“So that's a great issue that we can press these candidates on when they come to the state,” said Kemp.

He hopes the attention from candidates and the media helps give Georgia voters more input in who they see on the ballot in November.

All eyes will be on the South on March 1st.

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