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Day 9 of Torrey Scott murder trial wrapping up

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Both the State and defense rested their cases in the ninth day of the trial of Torrey Scott.

Over nine days, the State has called dozens of witnesses and submitted more than 100 pieces of evidence, all in an effort to prove Scott's guilt.

The prosecution has walked jurors through each case in chronological order, from the rape and robbery of two Savannah state students, to the rape and murder of Lisa Pynn in her Port Wentworth home, to the abduction and rape of a nurse, who was on her way to work at a private practice at Candler Hospital when she was held at gunpoint. 

The lead investigator took the stand as the State's last witness to testify about the connections she made between cases, specifically the Savannah State case and Candler parking lot case.

"There were several. The suspect threatened all the victims with a gun and demanded money in the beginning of the incidents, so he robbed them initially. The suspect told the victims, during the incidents he told the victims he just wanted to see it, to look at it, and he wasn't going to hurt them. He told the victims not to look at him, he threatened the victims if they contacted police, he would know where they lived at. He also made an attempt in all of the incidents to clean up after the sexual assaults,” said Det. Adina Ripley, lead investigator. 

Lead prosecutor, Frank Pennington, directed questions toward Det. Ripley. Jurors heard more detail from the detective about the surveillance video she reviewed from outside Candler Hospital and nearby McDonald's, showing the route of the suspect who abducted a nurse in the hospital parking lot in Feb. 2014.

Scott was first asked by the judge if he wanted to take the stand in his trial, and he waived that right.

So instead we heard from two witnesses, which included a Savannah-Chatham Metro detective who lives just down the street from Lisa Pynn's home in Port Wentworth. The defense asked the detective about his encounter with a neighbor, Seth Baker, following Pynn's murder. Baker was originally investigated by police as a potential murder suspect.

"I always extend my hand to shake his hand. And he was smoking, I believe he was smoking a cigarette. And he said ‘Yeah, I am okay.’ He seemed a little uneasy. So I reached out and shook his hand. And when I shook his hand, I turned his hand like that, and I saw some marks on his hands,” said SCMPD Det. Cotton.

The detective testified he viewed those marks as defensive injuries, like he'd been in a struggle. The defense followed that witness with Scott's uncle, before resting their case. 

Jurors also heard more about a summary report of phone records that came from a phone recovered from Scott's girlfriends car, believed to be his. The State argued that the records point to numerous searches, relating to the three specific crimes Scott is accused of, while the defense said there's no true link to Scott.

One of the phone conversations jurors heard was between Scott and a relative, while he was in jail. They are referencing the surveillance video released by police during the investigation. 

"The only way anybody can tell it was me is through the walk Jackie, you know that" - Voice of Torrey Scott. 

While Scott's attorney objected, the State says conversation is an admission from Scott that it was him in the video. 

Scott's attorney made a motion for a directed verdict for acquittal for count 20, which is the charge of the rape of Lisa Pynn, saying there wasn't enough proof. The judge denied that motion. 

Closing arguments begin first thing on Wednesday.

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