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Pembroke Police add fire power

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The Pembroke Police Department is adding more fire power to its arsenal.

It is a trend that we are seeing nationally, police choosing to buy rifles to deal with criminals that are buying powerful weapons.

"Things have changed in the past 10 to 12 years, especially with Columbine. People became aware of active shooters," said Chief Randy Alexander, with the Pembroke Police Department.

Like the body cameras the department got at the end of 2016, Pembroke PD getting new, advanced equipment, with no costs to the taxpayer. Daniel Defense donated some rifles. They serve multiple purposes, allowing the officer to be much more accurate, it allows them to engage at a longer range or stage an area farther away from crisis.

More criminals are using bigger and stronger weapons. Plus, if any of the three schools in Pembroke ever dealt with an active shooter these officers would be prepared.

"When you are in a school with a lot of people you want to make sure that officer has the equipment and this right here will give him that accuracy," said Chief Alexander.

Pembroke officers would be first on scene, with the closest SWAT team over 30 minutes. These officers do not want to deal with the possibility of being out-gunned.

"I have these officers that are now going to be equipped with one of the best rifles in the world," said Chief Alexander

There are some that worry that rifles could be misused, but the chief says steps are taken to prevent such an issue.  

"The devil is in the details. Once we got the mayor and council’s approval, we made a policy, and there are sub-policies within that," said Chief Alexander.

Not only that, each officer has a body camera, each will undergo five days of rifle training, and a class on the policy.

The Pembroke Police Department has a plan in place to get more rifles in place. The hope is to get each of their officers equipped with this tool.

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