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Deliberations to resume Thursday in Torrey Scott trial

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About an hour after receiving instructions from the judge and going back into the jury room, jurors were let go for the night and will resume deliberations early Thursday morning. 

Torrey Scott faces more than two dozen felony charges in connection with three separate cases.

The State and Scott's defense brought all the information presented over the past nine days of proceedings full circle. It's been a lot of information, stemming from the alleged rape and robbery of two Savannah State University students, the rape and murder of a Port Wentworth woman, and the abduction and rape of a nurse on her way to a private practice on Candler Hospital’s campus.

Both the State and defense had two hours each to outline all the evidence and testimony presented, taking the majority of that time to make their respective cases. The prosecution said multiple times that the three separate crimes are a travesty, tragedy and a horrible series of events, which Torrey Scott is responsible for.

Scott's attorney says his client is the victim of misidentification, and he also asked the jury not to decide this case on sympathy.

The 10th day of this trial began by Scott saying he wanted to testify, contradicting the decision he made at the end of evidence and testimony on Tuesday.

But after a short meeting with his attorney, he stuck with his original decision.

So that left the floor to his attorney, Richard Darden, and lead prosecutor Frank Pennington. It's been Darden's position from the beginning that the case where his client is accused of the rape and robbery of two Savannah State students, that it's a case of jackpot justice. He continued that argument in closing. 

"We know that in the Savannah State case they have civil lawsuits pending, we know they are seeking money, monetary damages. That's what it's about. We know the same circumstances exist in the Candler case. Obviously, they have an interest in the outcome of the case, and you need to consider that when you consider credibility of the witnesses. You cannot decide this case on sympathy. You have to decide the case based on evidence," said Darden. "Here's what you have in this case: incomplete investigation, rushes to judgement, questionable DNA, mistaken identification, questionable phone calls, civil suits with monetary damages. And, they want you to return a verdict that speaks the truth. How in the world can you do it? I submit you can."

"If you think about it, the reality is that there will always be gaps; questions about how and when people got to certain places, right? Because we can't prove every single thing that happened. We don't have cameras on everybody, although we have quite a bit surveillance in this case, and that becomes important. But, as to the elements of the crime, we have to give you sufficient facts to prove those elements beyond a reasonable doubt," said Pennington. "These women had to relive this for that man, Torrey Scott. Had to relive this. And when you see their demeanor, and you see the way they reacted, it should not surprise you that this happened. As you think through, what's happening here, I want you to consider that at the end of the day, this case is rather simple. These are believable witnesses, who told the truth about what happened to them. There is DNA evidence that points to Torrey Scott. There is surveillance evidence that points to Torrey Scott. There's identification evidence that points to Torrey Scott.” 

The jury will be back first thing Thursday morning to continue deliberation.

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