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Alderman Tony Thomas hosts second town hall meeting


District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas held the second of his quarterly town hall meetings on Wednesday to give constituents a chance to talk about any concerns they might have in that Southside district.

Around 40 people came to the Windsor Forest Golden Age Center to talk about crime, and other issues. 

The elephant in the room was the accusations of sexual assault and underage drinking being leveled at the alderman by a number of young men who worked for Thomas in the past. 

Many of those at Wednesday's town hall meeting saw the WTOC investigation that aired on Tuesday night and are not yet ready to pass judgement. Some saying he has been a very good alderman.

"He is dedicated, he's accessible. He lives out here so he cares. He wants the best. Hard worker. Tireless worker. I don't think we could ever have an alderman who could do better than Tony has for Southside. I mean, he's very devoted,” said Southside resident Colleen Cassiday.

Once again, a group of around a dozen "silent" protesters showed up to the town hall meeting determined to focus as much attention as possible on Alderman Thomas' alleged misdeeds.

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