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Good News: Deep Speaks

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It's not every day you can see young imaginations come to life or hear children expressing their deepest feelings.

But that is some of the magic of Deep Speaks, the culminating book launch and literary reading of the middle school writing program that shapes young minds and maybe futures.

"This is the first big thing that has happened to me,” said Jordan Miner, a Southwest Middle School sixth grader who participated in Deep Speaks. “But it's a pretty amazing accomplishment to happen.”

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders can participate in the DEEP writing workshops with their work published in an anthology and heard by friends and family directly from the young authors.

"It gives kids a chance to read their pieces in front of 500 people,” said Megan Ave’Lallemant, director of programs for DEEP. “That's huge when you're 11.”

So Tuesday, at the Savannah Theater, local school kids presented their own works, short stories and poems that ranged from funny to poignant.

And at the end, the students walked away with more than a moment on stage and their name in a book.

"It made me feel proud of myself. I feel like I came a long way from where I was,” said Derenne Middle School seventh grader Rickayla Flournoy. “It helped me get out think I can't really get out at home.”

“DEEP has definitely given me the confidence to possibly become a great writer,” added Miner. “I never really thought about being able to write like I can now.”

Just as often, students come away from the experience feeling like they can do anything.

"DEEP means finding your voice, telling your story in a really compelling way, in a way that only you can,” said Ave’Lallmant. “I've seen shy students come to life when they're able to say what's in their heart on the stage.”

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