Former President Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary in the Lowcountry

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary in the lowcounrty.

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Former President Bill Clinton is in the Lowcountry, to address a room full of voters in the Bluffton Recreation Center.

Clinton is campaigning on behalf of his wife Hilary, who's at a different rally in Orangeburg.

It's a packed house inside, folks are excited about seeing the former president and hearing what he has to say about his wife's campaign.

Clinton focused on the parts of his wife's platform that set her apart from the rest of the presidential candidates.

He says her experience and devotion to gun control, lowering the costs of higher education, prison reform and equal opportunity pay for women is why she should be the next president.

"She's for equal pay and paid leave because only seven countries of the world, that don't grant any paid leave. Every man in America should be for equal pay, because when you put more women in the workforce and the economy grows and you have more money," said Clinton.

Folks began lining up about three hours before the doors opened. Some Hilary supporters said they're disappointed that she wasn't able to make it to Beaufort County ahead of the primaries on Saturday, but they are satisfied that she sent someone close to her who best knows her platform.

Folks who are on still on the fence about the election said they want to hear more about Clinton's platform before they head to the polls.

"Hopefully he'll go through some of her policies and how she hopes to accomplish things and make it simple for everybody to understand," said Beaufort County resident, Sandy Lesh.

"I'm looking to hear from him on the policies that she's going to be making for minimum wage, for education, and for criminal justice reform," Pamela Brandon, another Beaufort County resident, said.

The South Carolina Democratic Primaries will be held tomorrow. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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