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Tim's Take: Political cookies

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Here's one for anybody who thinks politics have gone to the dogs.

Animal appetites could be foreshadowing the presidential election, and apparently, there are more four-legged liberals than canine conservatives.

Savannah's Woof Gang Bakery has come up with the most informal of informal polls, political doggie cookies that they say are measuring pet preferences.

“Well, the Democratic numbers are 118,” Woof Gang employee Sarah Logan said of sales in the week since the cookies have been available. “I think the Republicans are 47.”

So, while candidates are running around the country barking about border walls and free everything, local dogs are getting to the heart of the race simply by having a snack.

“Yeah, but for some reason most dogs have become independent,” said Logan. “They want both cookies, they can't decide.”

But a clear trend has developed with Woof Gang's left-leaning cookie sales.

Perhaps this only proves that there are more liberal than conservative dog owners in downtown Savannah. Or that dogs palettes prefer donkey to elephant.

Then again, there could be another explanation.

"Well, let's just say maybe some guy named Trump has something to do with that,” said Woof Gang shopper Bobby Cassell. “But that's just me taking a guess.”

Of course, it's anyone's guess whether man's best friend can predict the best man, or woman, for the White House.

But maybe an in-store experiment with a dog named Bear said the most about this election, because he didn't see a choice he liked on either side.

So, maybe there is something to this pet polling after all.

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