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Tiny House Project underway to give homeless place to live


The first round of clean-ups to turn a homeless camp into a lot for tiny homes took place Friday afternoon.

It might not look like much right now, but the lot will be the new location for dozens of tiny houses, designed to give the homeless a place to call home.

"We're about 300 feet from where I used to live,” said volunteer, Kenneth Fox.

For Kenneth Fox, the wooded lot used to be where he laid his head at night.

"Exposure to the weather, which of course brings its own health issues like mold, trash; there’s no sanitary conditions as far as places to clean up. It gets hard out here,” he said.

Now, Kenneth is using his experience to help others who are in the same predicament.

"This is my way of giving back to the people who have stood by me and helped me through the tough times,” he said.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers like Fox, the lot will be transformed.

"This is the first of three clean-ups that we're doing at our soon-to-be property, 65 Dundee. It’s an area we're looking at for the future of our tiny houses community,” said Cindy Murphy Kelley, Authority for Homeless.

To give you an idea of how much trash was on the lot, volunteers filled a large dumpster in less than two hours."

"The importance of this project is the opportunity for someone to have a space of their own for safety for warmth for comfort. So often, we forget that any vone of us can be a hair-breaths away from living in a tent,” said volunteer, Sharon Delaini.

The organization plans to build at least 12 homes a year over a five-year period, with hopes of building 72 in total.

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