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Consider This! - Tony Thomas


It's been a tumultuous past few weeks for 6th District Alderman Tony Thomas. 

It started with an ethics complaint filed against him by two supporters of his November election rival. The two women allege cyber bullying for comments and posts the alderman made on Facebook. Thomas claims he's just asserting his first amendment right.  

Then days later, several silent protestors showed up at the last Savannah City Council meeting wearing "No Predators" t-shirts. The shirts referenced years of rumors and innuendos that have plagued Mr. Thomas. 

And then last week, a several months' long investigation by WTOC was able to shed some light on the allegations against Mr. Thomas as for the first time, two alleged victims agreed to sit down and tell their story. While everything to this point is just allegations and we must presume innocence until otherwise proven… at the very least Mr. Thomas has displayed a pattern of ethically questionable behavior that will likely land in him in a civil court, if not a criminal court. 

Consider This Mr. Thomas, the City of Savannah and the 6th District need an alderman that can focus on the city's problems and not your own.

It is time for you to resign your City Council post.

Focus on clearing your name, and if you do so, as you say you can, then re-run for council giving 6th District voters a chance to make a better informed decision about who they want to represent them.

{Consider This! is an expression of opinion of the Editorial Board of WTOC}.

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