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Coligny Park improvements set to start after the busy summer season


Excitement is brewing over on Hilton Head Island as the town gets closer to breaking ground for some capital improvements in the Coligny area.

It's still going to be a few months, because the town says it does not want to start construction now because they don't want to inconvenience tourists or residents. But they expect to break ground right after Labor Day, when the amount of tourists drastically decreases.

The project is still in the design stage as contractors and town council discuss costs for the multi-million dollar project that was finally approved in 2014. Which will include new roads, a festival space and just general renovations to buildings and facilities already in the Coligny area.

The town is putting in a destination playground, which they say will be a huge attraction for both residents and visitors, as well as a children's museum. The town expects the improvements to bring more visitors, which is why they are installing a crosswalk.

"We’re going to add a pedestrian signal on South Forest Beach Road, where the beach parking lot is. Because in the summer we counted over 400 to 500 pedestrians within an hour period crossing that intersection and so we're going to put in that signal to better facilitate pedestrians and vehicular traffic,” said Hilton Head Island Urban Designer Jennifer Ray.

The town said they will be taking care of the road improvements first with the hopes of having it completed before the 2017 summer season.

They're anticipating the whole project will take between 12 to 18 months.

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