Driver Still at Large in Hit and Run

Fifteen- year-old Dev Scott's fighting for his life and investigators are trying to find whoever ran him down and ran away. He is still in critical condition. Today, doctors inserted a tube into Dev's chest to drain fluid building up in his lungs.

His family says Dev is staying strong and wants the person responsible brought to justice. "It's painful, very painful to see him in this situation," said Jerrell Bishop, Dev's stepfather.

These last five days have been rough for anyone who knows him. "It's just been really hard not knowing if Dev is going to pull through," Bishop said.

Last Thursday, Dev and his little brother Brandon were riding their bikes when a teal Ford Explorer hit them and drove off. Brandon was okay; Dev was not.

"Someone hit them, and then ran away and left them on the side of the road," Bishop said.

Dev's family were bombarded with concerned callers and waiting for updates on Dev's condition. Listening to his family describe Dev's injuries is heartbreaking.

"He has a brain injury, he has injuries to his kidneys, liver, ribs," said Bishop. "He has a broken leg."

And every day, Dev's prognosis changes. "One day, he's doing good. The next, not so good. We just want to see him make a full recovery."

While they weather the storm, and keep praying, they have a message for the person responsible for forcing Dev into battle for his life: "Do the right thing."

Police are still looking for the car that hit Dev. It's a 1990s model teal Ford Explorer with front-end damage. Police have been following a few leads, but still need your help.

Reported by: Don Logana,