3rd ID conducts mass target training

3rd ID conducts mass target training

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - If you noticed more noise than usual near Fort Stewart on Tuesday here's why: The 3rd Infantry Division has just finished a mass training operation.

It took a lot of manpower and it made a lot of noise.

"It's always fun, I mean all that excitement and energy starts bouncing around, it's just a blast," said Sgt. Chief Alvin Gager.

And blast is the key word. Nearly 1,000 people took part in the training Tuesday, firing 1,200 rounds of high explosives all at once at the same target.

"It's all at the same time, which is an important capability for our division to be able to do," said Col. Todd Wasmund, Commander of 3rd ID Artillery.

In all, they have more than 30 howitzers firing all at once

"Oh, it's exciting from my end because I get to give the commands down to the gun line and hear everything as it goes off, so it's definitely exciting, it's an adrenaline rush for me," said Staff Sgt. Calvin Elliott.

And this training allows them to test the latest technology to communicate digitally. Some of the devises look like laptops.

"It's much more efficient and it enables us to employ our systems more effectively than if we relied on some of the older voice systems," said Col. Wasmund.

"It definitely helps because it's much faster, because I'm able to get that information from the hill, or the observers, I'm able to get that information really fast and send it down to the gun line as soon as I verify," Staff Sgt. Elliott said.

This training shows off Fort Stewart's capabilities, and it's an important step to prepare the soldiers for actual combat.

"It's good to get out here and train like this for when we have to do it for real, I mean, no one is going to freak out or lose their cool, it's all just ready. We're all just battered down and good to go," said Private Logan Shepard.

They tell WTOC that, ideally, they'd like to do this type of training once a quarter.

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