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Guyton crash confirmed fatal

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A bad crash in Effingham County sent one female driver to the hospital, and WTOC has just learned that driver has died. 

The accident happened at an intersection on Highway 17 known to have accidents, some even fatal.

At this time there are a few guesses but no for sure reason why the accident occurred. And despite efforts to make this intersection safer, accidents are still happening.

Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie says the young lady in the crash was in town visiting family and was possibly unfamiliar with the area. Authorities say she was driving an SUV but failed to yield and ran into the path of a dump truck. The driver of the truck tried to stop but couldn't, crashing into the SUV. 

“The traffic on Highway 17 is running highway speeds, they’re running anywhere from 45 to 65 miles per hour when they come through there. If you pull out in front of them it’s going to be bad,” said Sheriff McDuffie. "You can’t see north down 17, when you pull up to that stop sign."

Scott Pinholster says he's lived in the area for more than a decade and it’s not every day you see a crash at this intersection. But when you do it’s bad.

"I'd wish they'd do something like last year or year before when those three little boys died there I mean that's just horrible,” said Pinholster. "Since that time the sheriff’s office tells me they've added these blinking stop signs on both sides to prevent these crashes but for some reason they're still happening."

"I know we've had four people killed in that area over the past two to three years,” said Sheriff McDuffie.

Sheriff McDuffie tells WTOC they have three, possibly four, bad intersections in the area.

  • Hwy 17 and Marlow Road
  • Hwy 17 and Courthouse Road
  • Courthouse Road and Midland Road
  • Hwy 17 and Blue Jay Road

Jill Nagel with the Georgia Department of Transportation says they have made changes to enhance the safety of the intersection including the flashing signs and rumble strips.

"We will go back out and look at what we've got going on in that area but we have already made many steps to improve and make people aware that this is a stop condition that they have to before you turn on or off of US 17,” said Nagel.

There is now a very nice memorial up for the three boys killed at this exact intersection in 2013.

Sheriff McDuffie reminds anyone driving on this intersection, and really any road, to double check the road before pulling out.

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