Bill allowing casino gambling in Georgia fails

Bill allowing casino gambling in Georgia fails

GEORGIA (WTOC) - The bill that would have allowed casino gambling in Georgia didn't even make it to the House floor, essentially killing the bill for this session.

The Bill would have laid the groundwork for using legalized gambling to increase HOPE Scholarship Program funding.

The House postponed the vote yesterday.

WTOC caught up with Senator Lester Jackson on Tuesday, who says he is surprised the bill never even got to the floor. He says research shows that over 60 percent of the state supports gambling.

"There are a number of legislators in this great state that do not think gambling is the answer whether it goes toward HOPE, whether it goes toward agriculture. They do not want to solve our economic woes with gambling," said Sen. Jackson.

Another important bill that did pass would allow students to carry weapons on college campuses. That will now go before the Senate.

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