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Asked & Answered: Is Savannah looking at High Speed Internet competition?


Fiber-optics and high speed internet for businesses in Savannah, a big talking point during the city election season last fall.

Viewers now asking about again. 

“We’re excited about this mayor because he said this is something he's concerned about as well. One other thing that we have talked about is the introduction of fiber optics, broadband, that we so desperately need in this town,” said Roger Moss, downtown business association, back in January.

This week, Comcast announced they are expanding their fiber optic network with a multi-million dollar buildout across Savannah.

They tell me it is not a partnership with the city but rather Comcast independently building a fiber optic network delivering 10-gig speeds to Savannah's business community. The only other city in Georgia like this is Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Savannah is still exploring their own options for fiber optics and high speed internet.  WTOC viewer Eric Fulcher asked, “What happened with Savannah signing up for Google Fiber? Better yet, what about more high speed competition?”

“We got to have fiber optic if we are going to have anyone from the film industry or SCAD or these engineering places, we got to have high speed internet. We got to have the broad band,” said Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach.

Some call it competition for Comcast. Mayor DeLoach says they have to weigh a few of the larger details.

Can the city afford it, and what is the timeline?

So far, this new council hasn't priced anything out or found a private partner.

“If Savannah is going to compete in the next 15 years, starting this year we need to come up with a plan and a design with that in mind,” said Mayor DeLoach.

He does say the fast-tracking Savannah's technology and broadband capabilities remains a top priority. 

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