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United States Secretary of Navy updates Marine Corps on the state of the Armed Forces

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Marines in Beaufort were in for a special treat Thursday afternoon as the United States Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus made a surprise visit.

Mabus has served as the Secretary of the Navy since 2009, and has been very influential in policies for armed forces, such as giving the okay for women to be a part of ground combat.

Mabus thanked the Marines for their service, commending the Marine Corps for their hard work, which requires them on average to be deployed longer than other armed forces.

He addressed the crowd briefly before the floor opened up to questions from Marines, who asked about everything from tattoo policies for members of the armed forces and security measures taken in response to the shooting at a recruiting office in Tennessee.

“We've got armed people now at every naval installation that's off base, every NASC, every reserve unit, we got them at the most of the marine units and we're training people to get to the rest of the marine units,” said Mabus.

He added that for the recruiting stations since they are usually in commercial areas, they're reinforcing the bullet proof glass and making security and id checks stricter. Mabus says they've also strengthened check-in policies on the bases themselves.

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