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Family asking for witness to come forward in Screven Co. murder case

Antonio Walker. Antonio Walker.

A grieving mother and frustrated sheriff turn to WTOC viewers for help in solving a young man's murder.

He died from a shooting outside a club in Screven County in December. Imagine a parking lot packed with cars on the Saturday night before Christmas. Hundreds of people going back and forth between the parking lot and inside the party. Yet, when a fight and shots break out, nobody can come forward with info to put a killer behind bars and ease a mother's anguish.

Sharon Gibbons still mourns the memory of her son, Antonio Walker. She's tormented by his death, but also the lack of information.

"It's painful, because I know there were a lot of people at the club that night and saw what happened to my son,” said Gibbons.

She describes him as a big teddy bear. Investigators believe he died trying to break up someone else's fight when the unknown shooter pulled a gun.

"I believe he was aiming at someone else. The bullet hit my son. But I lost my son either way,” said Gibbons.

Screven County Sheriff Mike Kile calls it frustrating when witnesses hide a killer over cooperating in a case.

"I interviewed more than 50 people up at the hospital that night. None of them admitted being outside. They were all inside and we know that can't be true,” said Sheriff Kile.

Gibbons appeals to anyone with a conscience to help her find some peace.

"Tell the police something. Give me some closure so I can move on with my life,” said Gibbons.

Anyone with any information, no matter how small, can get in touch with the Screven County Sheriff's Office or the GBI in Statesboro.

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