Savannah man's recovery continues to amaze

Savannah man's recovery continues to amaze

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - About a year ago, the story of a Savannah couple overcoming enormous odds made national headlines.

Matt Davis was in a horrific motorcycle crash on I-16 in 2011, put on life support and given a grim outlook.

But he would miraculously regain consciousness and begin healing.

And now, Matthew Davis and his wife Danielle call CrossFit Steadfast in Savannah their gym home. While incorporating the intense regimen CrossFit is known for, he's making some tremendous strides.

"They have me rowing, which is on a machine. And then, with rowing, they have me doing squats, squat holds..." said Davis.

His wife Danielle chimed in with, "Lots of squats." Matt replied, "Yeah, lots of squats."

Danielle Davis found CrossFit Steadfast knowing that her husband would need an aggressive workout regimen to continue his already against-the-odds recovery.

Using the money raised from crowd funding when their story went national to help pay for this therapy, since their insurance won't cover PT anymore, Matt joined Steadfast about one year ago.
The Davis' say the CrossFit is more than a workout, though. It's a family.

"That's what we got. It's not just a recovery physically, but it's a recovery mentally and emotionally when you get to be a part of a community again. And that's what we've found here," Danielle said.

Tougher than the iron that is heaved into the air in the gym, Matt Davis' will to get better continues to amaze Steadfast's owner, who's had a hand in Matt's recovery.

"Everything that we've seen has just been mind-blowing week by week. And just to be able to see where we started with him, and just to see that he's put in the effort to get to where he is now, it's been amazing," said Brian Nedab, the gym's owner.

It's clear Matt isn't defined by the injury that almost ended his life about five years ago, but rather by the determination and desire he holds within to continue getting better.

"You have to have the desire to get better. And we have a tight-knit family, we always help each other out the best we can," said Matt. His wife added, "You have to have a Matt. If you have one of him, it makes it a little easier."

March is brain injury awareness month.  Danielle Davis said it's important for people to realize with that type of injury, while recovery can take years, that it is possible.

You can track Matt's progress and follow his story by clicking here.

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