Community Spirit--Bobby Turns

Bobby Turns
Bobby Turns

Losing someone close to you is never easy. For most adults, it takes lots of time to get over it or just get back on track. But today we have the story of a young man who has been a symbol of great strength and an inspiration to us all.

Everyone remembers Bobby Turns. He's the star football player who made quite a name for himself on the playing field, even while his best friend--his dad--was battling a deadly cancer.

Robert Turns lost his long hard battle with colon cancer last week at home with his family at his side. The soldiers he fought alongside, defending our country here and abroad, remember him as a strong, dedicated and fearless leader.

"You couldn't keep Rob down," said CW5 Charles Lapp. "Always smiling, always laughing. He actually came in to work after surgery."

This is definitely a lesson Bobby learned from his father. Just one day after Robert's funeral, Bobby went on as scheduled with a planned Eagle Scout ceremony.

Even on this day, his courageous father is on the minds everyone who knew him. While Bobby would have loved nothing more than having his father standing right next to him, he knows he will always be with him in his heart.

"Dad, I love you," he said.

Bobby Turns has been quite an inspiration to all of us, refusing to give up. Even while going through the worst time of his life, with the help of his father, who was in the final stages of cancer, they worked side by side to complete his Eagle Scout project on time.

Bobby's mother wanted to postpone Saturday's ceremony. But Bobby insisted on going on with it as planned in honor of his father, who once told him if he lived to see him earn the highest honor the Boy Scouts bestow, he would be there even if he had to crawl.

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