'Campus Carry' bill closer to reaching Senate floor

'Campus Carry' bill closer to reaching Senate floor

GEORGIA (WTOC) - It appears the Georgia Senate will get the chance to vote on a bill that would allow guns to be carried on public college campuses.

On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended passing the bill without any amendments. The Senate Rules Committee will now consider the bill, and place it on the general calendar for the Senate to vote. That could happen as soon as Thursday.

On Monday, several Senators tried to pass amendments to the bill and failed. However, be certain, heated debates on this are from over.

"That is what we have been asking them to do, we are very pleased. We have been asking for several weeks for a clean bill, and put it on the floor for a vote," said Jerry Henry, the executive director of Georgia Carry.

Despite some vocal opposition Monday at the committee meeting, the "Campus Carry" bill will move forward as is. The Governor visited the Savannah area on Monday and expressed that he would not have been surprised if some amendments were made.

"I do not know, I know the board of regents, through the chancellor, expressed some concerns and possible changes to make it a little more compatible with the campus environment," said Governor Nathan Deal. "I was not defending that bill, I was simply pointing out that all the bad news that people were predicting when we expanded our right to carry a few years ago. That did not happen."

Gov. Deal claims that groups that oppose this bill are trying to use that same rhetoric, about certain violence, with no real proof to back it up. However, many groups are still fighting to stop the passage.

"Putting guns in that kind of environment is just not a good idea and it is just not common sense," said Lindsey Donovan, the Georgia Chapter Leader for Mothers Demand Action.

"They try and play on the fact that these young college students...well these young students will have to be 21, pass an FBI background to carry anyways," said Henry.

The governor also believes that guns on campus will not bring violence.

"I do not think that will happen, there will always be the possibility of that happening," said Gov. Deal.

 Savannah State University released the following statement:

Savannah State University supports the current state firearm law, which as Chancellor Huckaby testified last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, "strikes the right balance between creating a safe environment on our campuses while affording those individuals who are carry users a safeguard location.

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