High School Attacker's Mother on School Violence

An ambulance picks up the assault victim at Beach High.
An ambulance picks up the assault victim at Beach High.

Parents are fed up with school violence. We first told you about a student cutting another student at Beach High School yesterday. And today we have a unique perspective on the attack.

The accused teen's mother says she's angry, first at her daughter for hurting another student. But more so at the school for letting violence like this happen in the first place.

Dorothy Williams still can't believe her daughter attacked and injured another student. "I just stood there and said, 'No Precious, no,'" Williams said.

Police arrested Precious Savage, 17, for cutting another girl's ear and throat in the hallway at Beach.

"She said she cut the young lady with a box cutter," Williams told us. "I asked her why it happened. She said that the young lady jumped her from behind."

Williams blames Precious for bringing a weapon to school. "I expect her to behave herself totally, I don't expect her to go to school and hurt someone."

But she doesn't blame her for fighting back. Williams says her daughter has had problems with a group of girls from Beach High School since February. She says the girls threatened and punched Precious in the face at her bus stop down the street.

Williams says she reported the problem. "I didn't get a response and I thought everything would be okay."

But everything wasn't okay. Beach High School's principal would not talk with us about Tuesday's cutting or what he is doing to keep violent attacks from happening inside his school.

Williams says she is fed up. "I think if we don't do anything, they are not going to stop."

She says if the school was proactive, it could've prevented the fight like the one her daughter was in from happening in the first place.

Precious was arraigned this afternoon, and a judge denied bond.

So far the other girl has not been charged or reprimanded. Campus police say they are still investigating. The school board and campus police say they are doing all they can, and handling the situation case by case.

Right now they are in the middle of planning next year's budget, and they are seriously looking at putting more money toward school security.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com