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Center challenging Scott for Chatham Co. Commission Chairman

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While current Chatham County Commission Chairman Al Scott threw his hat into the ring to retain his spot on the Commission on Monday, one of his fellow commissioners announced his candidacy on Friday.

District 3 Commissioner Tony Center says because of redistricting, he's no longer eligible to run for third district. But Center says he wants to stay involved with the commission for his constituents, leading him to run for the chairman spot.

Current Chatham County Commissioner Al Scott says Center's announcement came as no surprise to him.

"I found out that I have enjoyed representing constituents, enjoyed addressing their concerns and enjoyed working on public issues. And the legislature has told me I cannot run for re-election in my district. I want to continue on the commission, and the public will have a choice of which of the two has been the best commissioner,” said Center.

"He has lived in the second district for the past four years, and represented the third. That's a little bit fraudulent. But no one withstanding ever challenged it in court, so it stood. But I just wish him well, I don't wish him a victory, but I wish him well,” said Scott.

Scott says this is his first time experiencing an election year as the Chatham County Chairman, adding commissioners are increasingly interfering with county staff activity.

That's an issue he plans to address in the coming weeks.

After checking in with the county, Center and Scott are the only two vying for the position from now until Election Day.

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