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Tony Thomas’ ‘good behavior’ hearing to continue April 8th

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6th District Alderman, Tony Thomas, was on the offense and defense in a Chatham County courtroom on Friday.

Thomas filed a “peace bond” against private investigator, John Perry, claiming the constituent was threatening and harassing him. He wants to use the court order to stop him.

Perry is convinced Thomas is simply trying to step on his first amendment rights. 

However, Friday's hearing didn't determine either one because Thomas couldn't cite a single example of the activities he is trying to stop.

“When you make an allegation that someone has done something that puts you in fear, for your safety or a threat, then the person being accused has the right to know what conduct constitutes a violation of a law or in this case a peace bond,” said Michael Schiavone, Perry’s attorney.

So, the judge set a new date for the hearing.

"He's getting bad publicity and if he can restrain his constituents or anyone who might be a member of the press corps, the next step is you’ll. He's looking for a way to fight the coverage that's been occurring to him because he's been taking a beating in the press. So, he's trying to prevent that from occurring. And if he can do a prior restraint of the first amendment it doesn't matter if it's Mr. Perry or it is you’ll. He's going to make an effort to silence the press,” said Schiavone.

The judge wanted to set the new hearing date for April 1st, but because Thomas already has a separate ethics complaint hearing on that day, the judge moved it to the 8th.

Schiavone also says he's looking forward to getting Thomas under oath and, if allowed by the judge, plans to question him on all the accusations of child sex assault, drug use and underage drinking that have dogged the Alderman for years.

WTOC will be at that hearing on April 8th.

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