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Asked And Answered: Is Zika Virus harmful to pets?

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Are you worried about the Zika Virus? 

Health officials are getting a lot of questions, and now some folks are worried about their pets. WTOC's Don Logana dug up some answers for pet owners, and one furry friend.

It's safe to say no one is a fan of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. The Zika Virus is the hot topic of the moment, and I got an interesting question from a furry WTOC viewer, named Sarah.

“Hi Don, I'm Sarah Dellinger! I have been trying to keep up with the Zika Virus, and now I have a question and hope you have an answer. I'm a dog and I get monthly treatment for heartworms, which I hate, which is spread through mosquitoes. Can you please find out if this Zika Virus is potentially dangerous for pets like me? Woof Woof.”

Here is the answer from Case Veterinary Clinic:

"Not dangerous for pets, unless your pet is a monkey. Only humans and non-human primates are believed to be susceptible. There is no evidence to date of domestic animals being affected by the virus at all, nor is there any evidence that they could serve as reservoirs, like with heartworms."

A question straight from the puppy's mouth. Hope that answers her question! Send in your video questions, or e-mail them to, or ask me on Facebook here

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