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Good News: 'Arrive Alive' at Wayne County High

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It might look like a fun driving game and Tucker Yoder was doing well, until he picked up his phone.

A dilemma teens face all the time.

“You get a text from one of your buddies and it's always tempting to reach down and text them back,” said Tucker Yoder, 11th grader.

He and hundreds of other Wayne County High students got the up close reminder of how dangerous that can be thanks to the “Arrive Alive” simulator. The SUV gives them the real feel of actual driving thanks to simulator screens inside glasses.

Instructors say the students help show each other what can happen.

“We actually have monitors outside the car so the other students who're waiting so they can see what each driver is experiencing,” said Patrick Sheehy, Arrive Alive Tour.

Flash back a generation and drinking and driving topped the list of dangers faced by teen drivers. Now, the most dangerous thing sits right in their hand.

Crashes from texting now quadruple the number from drinking. Most students ended up hitting another car, or even a pedestrian, something Wayne Horton experienced a year ago yesterday and carries the scars to this day.

“I didn't see the car coming. Guess he didn't see me. My cousin yelled my name and I turned to see headlights,” said Horton.

The lesson can last longer than the simulator drive. Students can download a free Android app to their phone that will lock texts while they drive and send an auto reply that they'll answer the message when they stop.

It's all designed to protect students as they learn to drive and teach them good habits long beyond.

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