Hometown Hero: Brady King

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Brady King is a paramotoring enthusiast.

And if you don't know what paramoroting is, think parasailing without the boat and with a motor strapped to your back.

And for King, it's like flying.

"It's exactly what you think, like you've always dreamed of," said King. "It's running forward until you leave the ground and then suddenly you're flying and soaring through the air."

Next week, King and Curtis Williams will be taking paramotoring to new heights while flying low, seeing the coast and helping military veterans spend time on it. By flying from Savannah to Key West, they hope to raise $150,000 for Operation Re-Connect, a non-profit organization that provides beach vacations for transitioning veterans to make the step from soldier to civilian easier than it often is.

"There are guys coming back and they're going from bullets flying to all of a sudden having to be dad and be a husband," said Williams, an Operation Re-Connect board member. "Give these guys time to hit the reset button. Give them just a few days to walk around and not have to think about groceries or lawn mowers and spend time with their families so they can get to know them again."

Their custom paramotors can reach 45 miles per hour with the right wind, but speed will not be the focus for King and Williams.

They expect to make the 650 mile trip in six days, stopping for fundraising events, to meet beachgoers and advancing the cause.

"And hopefully," said King, "to spread the word and allow people to see the benefit of what we're doing."

And while he's doing it, this WTOC Hometown Hero and his flying partner also expect to experience the coast in a whole new way.

"I like to fly in close proximity to be able to see everything," said King. "So, most of the flight will be closer to land or ocean."

"There are sharks and manatees and beaches and enjoyable things to see," added Williams. "It's just like a Zen-like state, everything calms down and it's just white noise and you're just floating."

And this time, floating to make a difference.

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