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Good News: St. Patrick's Day in Savannah

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What could be better news than St. Patrick's Day in Savannah?

At other times of the year, Savannah likes to measure itself against bigger, more cosmopolitan cities, embracing any list that includes ours among the prettiest or most hospitable, even most haunted.
But today, we set the standard for comparison, carrying the banner and the day, with the most impressive St. Patrick's Day Parade anywhere.

"My wife and her entire family and multi generations are from Savannah,” said Jason Tripp, of Savannah. “So this is a big deal for the family.”

Other cities might have more people walking, but they don't have a procession that means more to its people.

There might be more bands playing somewhere else, but not the sense of celebration that exists along our parade route and across our city.

"St. Patrick's Day is more of a family tradition,” said Tammy Stoll, of Savannah. “We've been doing this since I was young. We come down here and enjoy the parade and we all get together and have a good time.”

We've all played the numbers game of whether Savannah is the second or third or fourth largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in the world. We'll give Dublin the most authentic.

But nowhere else is there one that identifies a city or that an entire city, Irish or otherwise, identifies with than the Savannah Parade.

“It,” said Thomas Holmgren from New York City, “is the best parade in the country.”

The only bad news is it will be another year before we get to do it all again.

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