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Calm night for Metro police on River St. during St. Patrick's celebrations

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The crowds were definitely out Thursday night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Walking up and down River Street, we've seen a strong police presence throughout the evening. But the good news, according to police, is that the crowds haven't been causing too much trouble for them.

Thus far Thursday night, they've only had one official arrest downtown. That arrest was made on River Street, but we don't know the exact reason yet.

There were also several other people that were taken into police custody for indecent exposure and several more for underage drinking earlier. We won't get an official number on the total number of arrests until the morning, but the officers we spoke with said it has actually been fairly mild overall.

"Obviously, during the celebration there's a lot of alcohol flowing, but we really haven't had very many cases of underage drinking so far. That may change tomorrow night. We expect tomorrow night to be a little bit more congested down here, but so far everybody's been good,” said Star Cpl. Tracy Walden, SCMPD.

The biggest issue police have dealt with is phone snatching. They've had three cases of cell phones being stolen by a group of young people on Thursday. So they're reminding everyone to keep a tight grip on purses, wallets, and phones if you're headed down there this weekend.

They are expecting even bigger crowds Friday night, but if a few stolen phones is the worst thing they see down here, police tell WTOC they'll take it.

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