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Match Day: Savannah medical students learn their fate

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It's March Madness, for medical students. 

Friday was Match Day!
Medical students across the nation found out which residency program they will enter after graduation. It's the day senior medical students have been looking forward to, and stressing about, for years.
Forty-four students at Mercer University School of Medicine in Savannah dressed up in costumes and received their envelopes finding out where they will complete their residency program after graduation.

For student Tyler Barns, it was great news.

"Greenville, South Carolina.  I got my number one choice,” he said.
Here's how Match Day works. Each soon-to-be-doctor interviews at hospitals they'd like to go and they rank those places.  Then, each hospital also ranks each student who interviewed with them.  The rank lists are put in a computer program which ultimately determines where each student will go.

"You work so hard for four years. It kind of leads up to this moment. You just want your number one place," said Barns.

It's a big deal because it determines the next three to seven years of a student's life, depending on their specialty.

"So now, I'm going into pediatrics,” said Barns. “I've got three years of residency, and then if I do a fellowship so I subspecialize, I'll have three more years after that. But, one step at a time."    

Mercer University is proud to say that all of Mercer's Savannah campus students were able to obtain residency positions this year.  

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