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Consider This: 3/21/16


Last week the Georgia Legislature approved House Bill 757, the controversial Religious Liberty Bill.

Make no mistake, there's nothing liberating about this bill. In fact, it is blatant, legalized discrimination in the state of Georgia.

If signed by Gov. Nathan Deal, who has yet to indicate whether he will or not,  it would allow religious and faith based organizations to refuse to rent its facilities for events it finds objectionable, such as same-sex marriages.

It also would give those organizations the ability to not hire or retain anyone whose beliefs are not in accord with theirs.

Consider this: Laws should be created to protect our civil rights, not limit or refuse them, and that's what this bill does.

And if you think this bill won't affect you, think again. If it becomes law, then it could potentially cost the state, and our community, billions of dollars in lost revenue.

From movies being shot in our back yard, to the NFL denying Atlanta a chance to host the Super Bowl again, which Arthur Blank on Friday said was a real possibility because of the legislature's vote, this bill is bad for people and bad for business.

Gov. Deal has until May to make his decision. Let's hope he makes the right one.

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