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Active shooter workshop held in Liberty County

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On an all-too regular basis we hear about gunmen opening fire in a school, a church or a public place.

Monday, a roomful of business leaders in Liberty County learned some simple ways they can plan for a shooting and possibly save lives.

Few people want to even imagine a shooter coming into where they work or where they shop. But emergency leaders in Liberty County say the more you prepare, the more likely you'll survive such an attack.

Mass shootings like Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook and Charleston remind us what can happen. That concern brought Hinesville business leaders together to talk about dealing with potential threats - from customers to co-workers.

“Some people can get set off and hot by anything, maybe not something you did. It could be something at home, something on the road...anything like that,” said Toby Mahan, Hinesville.

“It can be anywhere you might go during the day, to the big box store, to the grocery store. Anywhere you might go,” said Lilian Gray, Hinesville.

Liberty County's EMA, Sheriff's Office and Chamber offered tips of how to protect their staff and customers from a shooter.

Their advice includes having a quick way to call for help, having an evacuation plan or knowing where you can hide, and making sure your team knows what they'll do.

“We've had tornado drills and storm drills to the point people know what they should do and how to respond. Active shooter is new,” said Liberty County EMA Director Mike Hodges. "Education is the best thing. Know what we're going to do, know what you're employer wants you to do, and know what you're physically capable of doing."

Both Lilian and Toby say they'll take the info back to their office devise a plan.

Hodges says they'll take this presentation to any businesses, churches or groups that want to help protect themselves.

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