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Alderman Tony Thomas drops 'Good Behavior' order

(Source: Tony Thomas Facebook) (Source: Tony Thomas Facebook)

The "Good Behavior Order" that 6th District Alderman Tony Thomas filed against Savannah private investigator John Perry has been dropped.

Thomas sent the judge in the case a handwritten letter on Monday. In it, Thomas says he wants the court to dismiss the case and that he'll bring it up again later in that or another court.

Three weeks ago, the Alderman was in court defending his accusations of harassment against John Perry. But Thomas could not come up with specifics and asked for more time to modify the complaint. 

Thomas was scheduled back in court on the peace warrant April 8th.  At that time, he would likely have been forced to testify under oath. Something Perry and his attorney were looking forward to.

Perry and his attorney, Michael Schiavone, were convinced all along the filing was an attempt to silence the alderman's critics.

"And why didn't he, if he really believed that something had happened that would have justified the court keeping a peace bond into effect,” said Schiavone.

"But your contention is that this was a shield against bad press that had been coming his way,” asked WTOC’s David Klugh.

"It appears to me that that was the reason this probably was done. I mean the only person who knows this for sure is Tony Thomas,” said Shiavone.

The young man who has accompanied Thomas to his most recent town hall meeting and even an ethics hearing, filed a similar "Peace Bond" against Perry claiming Perry is stalking him or has “an unhealthy obsession with him.”

WTOC’s David Klugh spoke briefly with Tony Thomas Wednesday afternoon. Long enough for the alderman to say he won't discuss anything.

The judge will hear that complaint on April 6th and we will or course, be there for that court appearance.  

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