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Savannah neighborhood hoping to curb speedy drivers

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The clock is ticking for one Savannah neighborhood hoping to slow down speeding drivers.

The Olin Heights area is home to young families, Hull Park and the Habersham School, which has people there worried about the children who walk through there every day.

They’ve been testing out temporary traffic circles there, but now residents are trying to get enough neighborhood support to get permanent ones installed before it is too late.

District 4 Alderman Julian Miller called a meeting to get everyone on the same page. Most people like the temporary traffic circles that were put up early last year, and the city says they've been working.

"They've slowed traffic down on 58th and 60th Streets. The problem is that some people have decided to try to avoid them by going down other side streets, and that's caused problems there,” said Alderman Miller.

So now the question is, do they install permanent traffic circles and expand them to 56th and 57th streets or do away with them altogether?

Most people said let's make it permanent, because something needs to be done.

"It's definitely been a matter of life or death. Almost about every other day, somebody in our neighborhood has practically been hit,” said Lisa Young, Olin Heights resident.

WTOC spoke with one new dad who's been going door-to-door getting support from his neighbors. He said the traffic circles work because it forces drivers to think when they approach one.

"They slow down and they look around and they see, 'What is this in front of me? What am I going to do? What are other people doing?' Which is great, because they're more aware and they're driving slower,” said David Tanner, Olin Heights resident.

But here's the catch: The city can't install a traffic circle unless the majority of homeowners at that intersection approve. So now, volunteers are on the hunt for those signatures and hope to have them soon.

"If not, we'll have to take these devices up and move them to other areas that are also asking for traffic calming,” said Alderman Miller.

As for the next steps, the folks at Tuesday’s meeting will re-convene in 30 days with hopes of having all the signatures they need to move forward.

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