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GSU students react to 'campus carry' bill

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Gun owners in Georgia could soon carry their licensed firearms onto college and university campuses.

The “campus carry” bill passed by the legislature includes some exclusions. Governor Nathan Deal asked for others, but lawmakers haven't responded.

The prospect of being able to carry licensed guns on university campuses in Georgia divides students here at Georgia Southern University as much as it does the lawmakers up in Atlanta.

The bill would let licensed concealed gun owners carry, except in on-campus housing, fraternity or sorority houses and into stadium or coliseums for athletic events.

Gov. Deal wanted child care centers added to that list. The debate draws a range of responses.

“I'm pretty nervous with the idea. The thought of somebody carrying around a weapon like that every day,” said Rebecca Frost, GSU student.

“You don't know what somebody could be thinking one day. They might have a vendetta against somebody and start shooting and then you've got a Sandy Hook situation,” said Kayla Jordan, GSU student. "Somebody could grab your gun and start waving it around and you have no control of what they do with it."

“Especially if you have a quick temper. That could escalate things so very quickly. It stresses me out a little bit,” said Brieana Williams, GSU student.

They also worry about simple accidents and misfires. But others see added security in licensed carriers.

“I personally would feel a lot safer if I knew the person beside me is permitted to carry and gun and knows how to use it the right way,” said Austin Birch, GSU student.

Others wanted to know more about how those owners get their permit.

“The people who have the license to carry, they should go through a rigorous test. It shouldn't be easy for somebody to have a weapon,” said Brandon Warnock, GSU student.

The bill sits on the governor's desk awaiting his signature.

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