Tony Thomas Investigation: New peace bond filed against private investigator

Tony Thomas Investigation: New peace bond filed against private investigator

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We told you earlier Tony Thomas asked a judge to drop a Peace Bond he had filed against local private investigator, John Perry. A man Thomas claimed was harassing him.

We also discovered a young man who has been hanging out with the alderman then filed another Peace Bond against Perry on a stalking claim.

Tony Thomas showed up to the first hearing on the Peace Bond he filed against Perry hoping for a quick confirmation from the judge.  What he got were questions about why he filed it, that Thomas couldn't answer.  But instead of satisfying the judge's requests for specific instances that Mr. Perry had harassed him, the alderman dropped the case.

Perry's attorney thinks he knows exactly why.

"When someone uses the system possibly for political purposes…," said Schiavone.

"Do you feel Tony Thomas was using this system for political purposes," asked WTOC's David Klugh.

"I think so. I think that he had so much damaging press weeks prior to taking out the peace bond, he was looking for some way to prevent people who are saying damaging things against him," replied Schiavone.

The alderman's hand-written note to the judge said he would return with additional information to some court at a future date.

But his battle with these Peace Bonds may not be over yet. The private investigator who has been investigating Thomas for years and is responsible for the "Who is Tony Thomas" website.

"Now there's the matter of this person who took out another peace bond that I think is somehow connected to Tony Thomas that's scheduled for a hearing on April 6th," said Schiavone.

This person is a friend of Thomas, one who says he came to the alderman for advice on starting a political career of his own. Charles DeCarlo has been following Thomas to council meetings, town halls, even Thomas' last ethics violation hearing.

In his "Peace Bond", DeCarlo says based on a phone call and a meeting with Perry at one of Thomas' community gatherings, Perry has developed an unhealthy obsession with DeCarlo.

Perry recorded the 15 minute phone conversation with DeCarlo. In it, he tells the young apprentice the alderman is a dangerous man. Here's a portion of that recorded call.

"I hope, I hope my name hasn't been drug through the mud just by being associated with him," said DeCarlo.

"Yeah, if you've been seen with him and you've been photographed with him because he's under surveillance, I mean that's going to be fun, expect calls," said Perry.

"I'm friends with Tony and I've gotten, I mean I approached him to more or less get some advice on getting a political career. I haven't been involved in any business deals. I haven't been involved in any relationship or anything like that," said DeCarlo.

The alderman did return our call only to say he has nothing to say about the matter. 
Charles DeCarlo's hearing on the new Peace Bond is scheduled for April 6th.

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