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SC Rep. Mark Sanford on refugees bill


South Carolina U.S. Representative Mark Sanford says the terrorist attack in Brussels is more reason to be cautious when accepting refugees from the Middle East.

Last year, the Obama administration agreed to take in thousands of Syrian refuges despite concerns ISIS could use it as an opportunity to enter the United States.

Sanford says many of his colleagues voted on the bill that would bolster background checks of every refugee.

"ISIS has said, we will use the immigration flow out of Syria as a vehicle to get terrorists in different parts of the world. In light of their comments, I think it makes sense to be more restrictive on that refugee population than we have been on some others. People coming out of Vietnam, or Cuba, or a whole host of places around the globe, haven't been subject to that scrutiny because there hasn't been that level of threat,” said Rep. Sanford.

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have already been resettled in the United States since last year.

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