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Georgia senator reacts to 'campus carry' bill

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The Georgia General Assembly officially adjourned early Friday morning and one of the bills waiting on Governor Nathan Deal's signature would allow college students to carry a gun on campus.

Lawmakers already voted this year to lift a weapons ban at universities. The bill would allow anyone at least 21 years old, with a weapons license, to carry a gun anywhere except for inside a dorm, fraternity or sorority house.

The weapon must also be concealed.

"I have a son in college, he's in Atlanta. As a freshman, his car was broken into twice. I'm not excited about students walking around with guns, but these are 21 year olds who have had background checks. And I feel much more comfortable with them, than I do with the people who don't have permits,” said Sen. Ben Watson.

Gov. Deal has 40 days to sign the bill into law.

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