Good News: Heritage awards scholarships

Good News: Heritage awards scholarships
The cheering won't start at Harbour Town for another couple of weeks, but a reason to cheer rang out around the Lowcountry on Monday.
The Heritage Classic Foundation was putting money back into the community again, helping another eight Beaufort County students realize the dream of attending college at the annual Heritage Scholarship Luncheon.
"I am honored to be able to receive it,” said Landon Morgan, who plans to study aerospace engineering at Utah State University. “Hopefully, I can use it to maximum potential and it'll get me through college.”
The scholarships are just one form of the Heritage Classic Foundation's charitable contribution in the Lowcountry, which has exceeded $32 million in the last 30 years.
This is one that helps young people and their parents.
“It can go for food or transportation or books anything,” said Morgan. “I'm going to use it sparingly so I can get it to go as far as it can go.”
“Paying for college isn't easy,” added Eric Campbell, whose daughter Hayley was a scholarship recipient. “It's great for the Heritage Foundation just to provide some assistance to kids who have worked really hard.”
And, like the tournament that has set itself apart from others on the PGA Tour, the students the Heritage recognized are also beyond ordinary.
"These are tomorrow's leaders,” said Heritage Tournament Director Steve Wilmot. “These students are incredible, they have wonderful minds, wonderful volunteering efforts. It's an honor for us to be able to support their efforts to continue their education and hopefully give back in years to come.”

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