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Asked and Answered: Is Port Wentworth's new welcome sign wrong?

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If you've driven on Highway 21 in Port Wentworth recently, you may have noticed the new "Welcome to Port Wentworth" digital information sign on the side of the road.

We’ve received several questions about this sign from viewers regarding its placement because you can see it when you're heading away from Port Wentworth towards Rincon, and not into the city.

WTOC viewer Jodi Hawks thinks it should say "Thank you for Visiting Port Wentworth" due to the location.

He wrote the following on the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce Facebook page: 

"What is STUPID about the sign ... it is on the wrong side of the highway. It's on the side that is LEAVING Port Wentworth. Also, isn't it on the DOT Easement? What happens if the DOT decides to widen Hwy21? Looks like not much thought went into the placement," said Hawks.

Trisha Growe from the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce says quite a bit of thought went into this two year, multi-phase, city-wide beautification and information system, digital sign campaign.

They also had to get permission from Georgia DOT with the looming diverging diamond project for the interchange at I-95.

A digital billboard was first to go online in front of City Hall, and then the digital welcome sign heading out of the city. The spot was strategically placed and chosen by DOT so it would not interfere with the road project.

There will be a second digital board constructed on the South side of I-95, on Hwy 21, to welcome visitors into the city once the road project is finished, but no location has been decided upon yet.

The city will also be adding new street banners on Hwy 25 through downtown Port Wentworth, and new City limit entry signs.

Here's a full description of the project:

PROJECT OBJECTIVE:  Greet motorists as they approach and travel through our historically rich and diverse community. Clearly notify visitors of arrival to Port Wentworth area through City Limit Entry Signs. Keep tourists and residents informed of current events and highlight local attractions and businesses through digital information boards.


  • Digital information sign at City Hall on Hwy 25 (South Coastal Highway) - COMPLETE
  • Digital double sided sign at the I-95 Exit 109 area, North bound – COMPLETE (this will be turned on Monday if you would like to get b-roll footage)
  • Digital double sided sign at the I-95 Exit 109 area, South bound – will start after the Diverging Diamond Project is complete
  • Street Banners on Hwy 21 corridor of Exit 109
  • Street Banners on Hwy 25 (South Coastal Highway)
  • New City Limit Entry Signs at all entry points to the City of Port Wentworth

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