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Good News: Open Doors to the Handicapped

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A group of volunteers spend their time building wheelchair ramps for those who might be stuck inside their homes otherwise.

The group's leader knows something about that. His health has limited his mobility, but it hasn't limited him.

“Wonderful...I sure need it! I'm always falling down and all,” said Sarah Lockhart, Vidalia.

Some retired Georgia Power employees called themselves the Altamaha Ambassadors. Years ago, teamed up with Bob Neiderritier, and his “Open Doors to the Handicapped” organization. Bob needs a motorized chair due to Cerebral Palsy.

“Bob said he knows what it's like to be a prisoner in my own home. It means he can't go and come,” said Wendell Harvey, volunteer.

Bob has led volunteer groups to build ramps for the needy since 1987. They've done more than 1,800. They charge the cost of materials for those who can pay. It's free for the rest.

“And I probably wouldn't have been able to get one otherwise,” said Lockhart. “I sure am thankful.”

The volunteers work like a NASCAR pit crew with everybody knowing their part...but listening for Bob's instruction.

“If he says it's not level, it's not level. His eyes are real keen and his mind's real sharp,” said Wendell.

The ambassador's latest project is helping raise money to pay off Open Door's purchase of a slightly used van that runs circles around Bob's old one. Group members say they need him to be able to get around and lead them in helping others.

The Chairman of the fundraising effort is Jim Cherry and donations can be sent to him at ODH Van Fund, 1611 N. Cheney Dr., Vidalia, GA 30474. Jim can be reached at 912.537.3311.

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