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Law enforcement paintball day at Hoppers Paintball

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A fun Thursday for some local police officers!

Departments from all over were invited to Hoppers Paintball in Georgetown to let out some steam and relax by shooting paint at each other! It was also an opportunity to give men and women from different municipalities the chance to meet one another.

Besides coming out colorful, the officers we spoke with say it was a blast!

"There's a training element to it. Guys still have to work together as a team. I mean, there's elements that coincide with what we do in law enforcement, but in a fun setting. So it allows guys to get to know each other a little better in a much more relaxed setting, but at the same time it has application to police work as well,” said Lt. Tim McMillan, Garden City Police Department.

Lt. McMillan says they hope to keep the event going each year, and maybe even have the next one as police versus firefighters.

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