Mosquito season gearing up in the Lowcountry

Mosquito season gearing up in the Lowcountry

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring mosquitoes.

And after South Carolina experienced serious flooding in the fall, some people are worried that there might be even more mosquitoes this season.

So far in Beaufort County, there have been a few aerial sprays for mosquitoes but in places like Hampton or even Jasper County, crews haven't started their mosquito control just yet.

For example, in Jasper County, the public works director tells WTOC they usually go out for five nights a week with a fogger truck and mist the whole county. He says this routine usually starts in April.

And even though there is some concern about having more mosquitoes this season, he doesn't expect to see more than normal.

"I don't think so because I think it dried up real fast. I'm out every day, some places you go you see some mosquitoes and some places you don't, so I don't think it's widespread. I live in the woods and they don't bother me, but of course in some places you're going to have more," said Jasper Co. Public Works Director Dale Terry.

The areas where there may be more mosquitoes probably have more still water in them, which is an ideal breeding ground.

In addition to using the fogger truck to spray the whole county, the department also uses a kind of bait that they place in standing water to kill larvae.

The public works director tells WTOC this method is effective because of the increase in still water in the area.

"It's just kind of common sense. If you know mosquitoes are raised in a bucket of water sitting around there and you don't need that bucket of water, turn it over. That's a problem we have when people throw away old tires or throw them around, they get water in them they're raised in them so if you got things like that get rid of them," said Terry.

He also recommends wearing long sleeves or some kind of insect repellent if you know you're going to be around conditions that are ideal for mosquitos.

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