Chatham Co. to take control of Animal Control

Chatham Co. to take control of Animal Control

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Friday morning, the Chatham County Commission put into practice some of the changes that come with the new police merger agreement that was reached by the county and city in February.

We are slowly seeing the police merger take form here. As part of that, the county is taking back control of several entities, including Animal Control.

"Yes, Animal Control, CNT, Marine patrol are all county wide departments. Part of the agreement is that the county will hire for those departments and that the county will pay for it," said District 3 Chatham County Commissioner Tony Center.

Center says the county is already paying for it but basically rights a check to the city. Animal Control, in the past has been under SCMPD jurisdiction. This morning the county approved two new animal control positions, an Animal Control Supervisor and an assistant.

The goal is for the county to take complete control by this July. It will be a 15 person department.

As movement on the merger continues, the commission and the city are both eager to receive updates.

"The staff has to give us monthly reports on this new evidence based formula. It basically to make sure that we are making progress," said Center.

The chairman says by the time the commission meets again, that staff committee should have met. That is a member of the county, the city, and a third party consultant firm. They will meet and hopefully have something to present to the commission.

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